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Long Term Update Blog!

Long Term Update Blog! published on

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to get this information out to everyone but typing it up over and over is not a great way to do that each time I update the comic! So! What’s the news that needs to stick around?

We’ll- I am going to be starting another comic! That’s right! Another one! Yosh! isn’t over and isn’t stopping, but I’ve been wanting to do another comic for a long time now! I also know that some people are intimidated by Yosh! There’s a lot there, and a good portion of the beginning while fun, lacks a lot of the quality people are looking for in art and story. Some of you probably noticed I sometimes called things “Yosh! Comics” and “Yosh! Saga” well that’s because I never wanted to just do Yosh! I have a bunch of ideas and stories – many that I work on all the time and improve on and add to as I go. Everything from stories about sky pirates to high fantasy to Cyberpunk- I wan’t to do it all… But I’m just one guy! So I’m starting Artificial Incident in a few months!

So why now? Well… I don’t have a job anymore. Haven’t for a while. I was in a dead end job that ended and then moved on to another dead end job for 6 years- and I was unhappy, I was stressed, and for what? Nothing to do with doing the job, it was how employees were treated. I had a bit of a breakdown when I found out they were setting me up to be blamed for something that I proved was impossible for me to have been a part of. It was only going to keep happening, nothing was going to change… So I quit. I went to school for something that would have been great, If I hadn’t finished as soon as the market dipped and people were being let go here and there. I was stuck, and fell back on the only thing I ever felt confident in. Patreon and your help has made it possible for me to live, but no better than paycheck to paycheck and giving up things like healthcare.

So… I am back to making my choice… How can I keep doing what I love and survive? If there are people out there that are intimidated by the size of Yosh! or who can’t get through my early years, but still like my work, this new comic will provide an easier way to get into what I do. I hope that new and old readers alike will enjoy the new comic and it’s characters and I hope this will give me the support I need to take back my life, and to dedicate it to entertaining others.

In the short term though, I will be doing what I can to get some extra money, including opening up commissions in the near future for those who want something by me but can’t support me long term on Patreon. So to help in getting this information out, I have joined several sites I am sure all of you are familiar with. First being Tumblr – and the other being FurAffinity – I also still have my Deviant Art account, , which I have been trying to get back into- though I think so far Tumblr has shown to be the easiest to update and add things too especially quick sketches and silly things.

Finally I have also been streaming comics and artwork on Picarto! I have joined some new friends including Duckdraws who will be join the Katbox soon with his new comic Waggles! You can find my Picarto channel here – As far as a schedule for that goes… I generally only stream when Ducky or Cry are, sometimes with Tony aka Ustudios and Doffa, another new friend. I may do solo streams on occasion and usually late at night (starting around 10pm-1am till 3-5am East Coast US Time aka UTC -5.00). Days are most often Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but really any day I have time works.

Thank you all for reading this far! I’ll probably shorten this post down considerably after I read it again next week when I go “What is this wall of text on my site? Oh yeah…”